Fall Home Decor Ideas for Inside and Outside

Fall leaves in the afternoon sun

There’s a lot to love about fall — leaves changing color, cooler temperatures, and pumpkin spice everything. With the first day of the new season quickly approaching, now is the time to figure out decorations. You’ll find that trendy autumn decor will create a cozier, more enjoyable living space for everyone.

Keep reading for tips and inspiration from others as you get started.

Fall decorating ideas for outside

Jacquelyn McGilvray of DIY Network offers a number of ways to give your exterior a modern autumn look. Best of all, you don’t have to break the bank doing so. Here are some of our favorite fall decorating ideas for outside.

Incorporate different colors

This season is your chance to display all sorts of fun colors, including dark reds and bright yellows. Yet many homeowners settle for pumpkin orange and that’s it. Rather than stick to one color for another fall, make this the year you mix things up.

Go all out with the front porch

The possibilities are endless with this space. To begin, set out various pumpkins and gourds.  Then enhance the appearance by adding mums. 

One other pro tip: Add several lanterns to your front porch as a way to show off the display during evenings.

Hang dried corn

Now that you’ve decorated your front porch accordingly, you’re ready to focus on your door. This is where dried corn comes into play. Simply tie a few cobs together and hang the arrangement either on your door or the porch railing.

Hang a wreath

Maybe you would prefer to keep your outdoor fall decorations simple. If that’s the case, a floral autumn wreath will do the trick. Homeowners can either purchase one or create a wreath themselves. 

Indoor fall decorations

At this point, you’ve decorated the outside of your home without going overboard. So how do you make sure that the inside is just as festive? Here are a few ideas worth considering.

Create a seasonal centerpiece

Feel free to use your imagination with this one. Whether you use mini pumpkins, fall florals, or a combination of both, the end result will be a hit. Take it a step further by adding an autumn table runner and dark green plates.

Get creative with blankets

No, we aren’t talking about your favorite comforter. What we are suggesting is using a blanket or two as another fall decoration. Country Living recommends rolling up a blanket and placing it in a guest bedroom.

Transform the bathroom

It’s easy to forget about the bathroom when decorating for a new season. But the reality is that even something as simple as a few orange mums can brighten up this space. This is another small update that makes a noticeable difference as you prepare your home for fall.

Highlight the dining room table

With the kids back to school, you may be struggling to organize quality family time. A revamped dining room table with pillows, blankets, and a cushioned bench will bring everyone together — and not just for dinner. It might also turn into a popular spot for doing homework and playing games.

Go big with plaid

If you aren’t sure which fall pattern makes sense for a room, opt for plaid. Such accents add comfort and a fun fall vibe to any space in the house. Choose from plaid blankets, throw pillows, lampshades, and other decor.

Is fall the best time to buy a house?

Let’s say you’re currently renting but have recently thought about buying your first home. You know that mortgage rates have been at or near all-time lows for a number of months, and you’re aware of the lending changes put in place due to COVID-19. But is fall really the most opportune time to purchase a house?

It ultimately depends on your situation. Real estate experts will tell you that spring is traditionally known as home buying season. However, 2020 has been anything but a typical year, especially for those who were hoping to get into a home of their own.

Historically low rates and a need for more space have Americans searching for their next residence. And while housing inventory remains tight across the country, many buyers are scoring incredible deals on first and forever homes. So, yes, fall is a good time to buy a home — this year and for years to come.

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