Getting Your Home Ready for Summer: Where to Start

Front yard of residence during summer

With Memorial Day just around the corner, it’s time to get your home ready for the hotter summer months ahead. Given that your home will probably need additional maintenance to keep functioning throughout the summer, starting preparations early can help bring down energy bills, improve the efficiency and life of the components of your home, and increase the overall safety of your property. Here are 10 ways to get your home summer-ready. 

Clean gutters and drains

Cleaning the gutters and drains is often the last item on the to-do lists of most people, but it’s an important task before getting into summer. Debris such as leaves and mud can clog the drains and once it piles up, it can lead to leaks into the walls and roof. Clearing any possible build-up from your gutters goes a long way in lowering the risks of water damage. 

Guide water away from your property

Even if your drains and gutters are clear, the water that has remained from the winter season may be getting into the leader pipes, draining at the edge of your house, and flowing into your basement. It’s imperative to have trenches dug and underground pipes installed to get roof water away from your property. You should also ensure all landscaping is slanting away from your property. 

Get your central heating system checked

A faulty central heating system during the winter season can be awful for multiple years. So make sure to fix it during the hot season so that the same experience doesn’t repeat. Ensure your central heating is serviced by a certified engineer before the chilly weather sets in.

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your furnace, help avoid carbon monoxide leaks, and improve the efficiency of your unit. It would be a shame if bitterly cold temperatures ruined what should be a cozy time of year. So make this a priority before Jack Frost returns.

Install insulation

The Energy Saving Trust reports that you can enjoy significant savings every year on your power bills by having quality insulation set up by a professional. About a quarter of the heat in your home escapes through the roof, so it pays to have the loft or attic insulated. Having a cavity wall insulated also helps in bringing down utility costs.

If you don’t have enough money to cover the cost of insulation installation, you can look for grants and programs offered by the government to fund such projects. 

Clean the chimney

If you haven’t cleaned your chimney in a while, you should hire a professional to do it for you. The chimney tends to be filled up during winter months, so summer is the perfect season to clean it. Having your chimney cleaned by a professional can significantly lower the risks of chimney fires. 

Have your yard inspected

If adequate preventive measures are taken, most of the winter trees that have been damaged during storms can be saved. Hire a certified arborist to inspect your yard and help you identify and bring down rotting trees or cure the ones that are able to be saved.

Who says you can’t have fun preparing your house for summer? Keep in mind that even a few decorations can refresh your space. Consider adding flowers or plants and explore grow lights in case you want them to flourish faster.

Keep your pipes protected

Pipes can be damaged during winter. To fix them you need to have a foam layer (known as lagging) applied on their surface. This layer will keep the pipes from bursting. Another way to protect your pipes is to get rid of any vegetation around them. 

Check out the deck and patio

Driveways, pavements, and decks need maintenance from time to time. Fixing and sealing any broken joints or crevices in the stonework can prevent a much bigger problem from arising. You should also have decks and wooden handrails stained and sealed to protect them from insect damage, decay, or splintering. 

Seal those leaks

Seal any gaps or cracks you see around your door or window by applying caulk. The outcome will be a more comfortable house and improved energy efficiency. You should also replace all worn doorstops. 

The bottom line

Getting your home ready for summer can sound like a bothersome and probably unnecessary task. But the financial advantages will dwarf any feelings of being annoyed. Having properly insulated windows, a well-functioning HVAC system, and proper plumbing can significantly lower your utility costs during the hotter (and colder) months.

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