Ask yourself, "how much house can I afford?" Enter your desired loan amount, monthly debts, expected down payment, and your ideal loan term to estimate how much income is needed to purchase a home.
Required Annual Income

Boost your pre-approval chances

Are you worried that a low credit score will keep you from buying a home? Do you not have much of a savings account to use for a down payment? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you still might be able to qualify for a mortgage.

Having someone you trust co-sign your loan can be the difference between you landing your dream home or missing out on it altogether. Just remember that co-signing on a mortgage comes with risk. If you fail to stay current with your payments, your co-signer will be expected to make them for you.

Another option to consider is using gift money from a loved one. You can apply these additional funds toward your lender’s down payment requirements. Be sure to fully understand the mortgage down payment gift rules before accepting the money.

You can afford a mortgage

While there are income requirements for certain types of home loans, there are alternatives for making your homeownership dreams a reality. Schedule an appointment with one of our mortgage consultants and ask about the many loan programs available.

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