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Reversing the Obama Fee Cut Doesn't Change the Benefits of FHA Mortgages

By Tim Byers, Mortgage Analyst

The criticism continues over (almost) nothing. Remember: borrowers experienced no changes after the Trump Administration reversed Obama's order to cut monthly insurance on FHA mortgages. Analyst Tim Beyers provides further clarification, in addition to offering two more reasons why FHA mortgages continue to be a great deal.

Consumer Talk with Michael Finney - Jan. 28. 2017

By Michael Finney, KGO 810

FHA mortgage insurance rates: 0.85% to 0.6% back to 0.85%. Did it ever change? What does it all mean, and how may it affect you? Tim Beyers, mortgage analyst with American Financing, explains.

Trump Suspends Initiative to Reduce Mortgage Insurance Premiums

By A. J. Sidransky, The Cooperator

Directive on FHA mortgage insurance reduction never actually went into effect. Tim Beyers, mortgage analyst with American Financing, provides clarification about what’s really going on.

How to buy a home when you haven’t sold yours yet

By Deborah Kearns, AP

If you’ve found your dream home, but are still waiting on an offer for your current home – there are strategies you can consider to bridge the transition. American Financing Mortgage Analyst Tim Beyers touches on a few options available to you through home equity, including a HELOC.

Business For Breakfast - Feb. 24, 2017

By Jimmy Sengenberger, AM 1690

Be a well-armed consumer when considering mortgage options, housing and interest rates. American Financing Mortgage Analyst Tim Beyers provides a quick overview of our current market and discusses whether or not now is the time to buy or refinance.

Trump axes a mortgage rate insurance cut: What this means for NYC homeowners and buyers

By Alanna Schubach, Brick Underground

Tim Beyers, Mortgage Analyst at American Financing, was recently quoted in an article from Brick Underground regarding the Donald Trump administration axing a proposed cut to a type of mortgage insurance that helps lower- and middle-income first-time home buyers. Read more...

How will Trump’s mortgage move impact LOs?

By Ryan Smith, Mortgage Professional America

Tim Beyers, Mortgage Analyst at American Financing, discusses Donald Trump's freeze on a pending rate cut on mortgage insurance premiums (MIP) for FHA-backed loans in an article from Mortgage Professional America. Read more...

Will Trump Gut Dodd-Frank, Dissolve the CFPB?

By Patrick Barnard,

Jonathan Payne, Operations Manager at American Financing, was recently polled by Mortgage Orb for his expert opinion on the potential impact to regulations impacting the mortgage industry. Read more....

Housing Winners and Losers Under Trump

By Holden Lewis,

What's up with mortgage rates

Nancy Dennis, Vice President at American Financing, was recently quoted in an article from Bankrate regarding the volatility in mortgage rates after the 2016 Presidential Election. "In the short term, rates are reacting the same way the stock market is reacting," says Nancy Dennis, Vice President for American Financing Corp., in Aurora, Colorado. "Everyone is uncertain about how this election will affect all markets. But it is believed that this is short-term and will eventually correct itself. Read More...

It's Time to Invest in Real Estate Instead of Stocks

By Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

The stock market roller coaster may offer thrills, but there are easier ways of making money. Or, at least, they're easier on the nerves. This is what American Financing CEO Damian Maldonado was thinking about during the market rout this week. Read more...

5 Real-Estate Investments for Higher Returns

By Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

At a time when the stock market might see some more volatility, and housing is in a rebound, an investment property looks like an intriguing possibility. Our CEO writes about how to make money from real estate for Read more...

Housing and Stock Markets: Is There Double Bubble Trouble?

By Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

Housing prices have been rising strongly in many metropolitan areas. But when asked if it's a bubble, our CEO says he worries more about the stock market. See his commentary for Read more...

Here's Good News If You Have an Underwater Mortgage

By Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

If you've wanted to refinance, but haven't, or have been turned down in the past, call us to see if you are eligible for a refinancing under HARP. Our CEO, Damian Maldonado writes about the extension of the program, and its benefits, in Read more...

Denver Home Prices Are a Rebound, Not a Replay

By Douglas Hauck, VP American Home Agents

The Denver real estate market is hot, second only to San Francisco. You need to have your financing lined up, and a great agent on your side. We are here to help. Read American Home Agents' Vice President and Employing Broker Douglas Hauck's take in the Denver Post. Read more...

Aurora-Based Mortgage Company Is Poised to Grow Nationally

By Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

Read the Denver Business Journal's profile of our founder Damian Maldonado, and learn how he and co-founder Gabie Maldonado bootstrapped American Financing from nothing more than $5,000 on a credit card as their startup capital. American Financing is now a national mortgage bank, with a new sister company, American Home Agents. How did we get there? "Our customer service is the #1 focus," said Damian in the interview. Read more...

New FICO Credit Scoring Method to Help 'Unscorable' Borrowers Get Loans

By Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

At American Financing, we do everything we can to help borrowers with no credit history to get a home loan. A new FICO scoring method coming later this year may help us in that effort. Our CEO Damian Maldonado writes about it for Read more....

When Insurers Cause as Much Damage as Catastrophes

By Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

Anyone who has had their home destroyed in a fire, flood or other natural disaster knows how it can knock your personal finances for a loop for years. Our CEO Damian Maldonado writes for about Hurricane Sandy victims, and those who suffered the Colorado wildfires, and their struggles after the initial storm has passed. Read more...

Millennials Can Finally Afford Homes With New Mortgage Rules

By Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

American Financing CEO Damian Maldonado writes for about how the new mortgage rules are making it easier to buy a home. Everything from mortgages at 3 percent down and lower private mortgage insurance rates are working in your favor. Millennials, for the amount you likely put down for first month, last month and security on a rental, you might be able to put a down payment on a home. Read more...

Bouncing Back From Foreclosure

By Brandy King-Cutler, Credit Care Manager

Many people who have been hit with foreclosure are fighters, and are back on their feet, or getting closer every day. At American Financing, we are here to help. Introducing our new Credit Care Manager, Brandy King-Cutler, an expert at fixing your credit so that you can take another shot at the American Dream. Here is a piece that she wrote for about those who were hit with foreclosure and their efforts to try again for home-ownership.

Five Trends to Watch in Housing in 2015

By Damian Maldonado, Co-Founder and CEO American Financing

2015 promises to be a great year to refinance, or to become a first time homebuyer. Technology and new requirements for 3 percent down payments is making it easier to buy or sell a home. Let us know how we can help! We know how to help you save money and time, and even how to get your credit ready to buy.

Read our latest report on 2015 trends from our Co-Founder and CEO Damian Maldonado on

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