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Jerseyans take great pride in the little Garden State. You can feasibly climb mountains, hike the wilderness of the Pine Barrens, lay beachside, or even shop in New York City! With a backyard sharing the Empire State building and the Liberty Bell - homeowners get the best of many worlds!

If you are interested in moving to New Jersey, American Financing is here to help. American Financing is a family owned, national mortgage banker, committed to empowering families with personalized and streamlined mortgage solutions that achieve life goals. Our salary-based mortgage consultants in New Jersey are local, so they understand the marketplace and can meet with you in person. We have the tools and resources to help you understand mortgage types, property values, budgeting, and more. Our qualified professionals are more than happy to consult with you on your mortgage loan needs.

If you’re already living in your dream home, taking hundreds of dollars off your New Jersey mortgage is possible. We can help you refinance your current home easily and affordably. Refinancing can save you money on your monthly mortgage payment, lower your interest rate, and even consolidate debt. That means extra cash in your pocket! Start by talking with one of our salary-based mortgage lenders about refinancing options. We'll walk you through our easy pre-qualification process and explain our variety of loan types including:

  • FHA
  • VA
  • HARP
  • Streamline
  • Conventional
  • ARM
  • Jumbo
  • USDA

Whether you're seeking information about refinancing or buying a new home on the Jersey Shore, we can help you. We're also able to complete most of the lending process online, creating an even faster, more convenient experience for you. Online chat, mortgage pre-qualification within minutes, eSign documents, and more! And, we never charge anything upfront, out of pocket.

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