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American Financing handled everything in a prompt professional manner. The process was stress-free and smooth. Best of all, I was able to sell my old home and close on my new home in a timely fashion! If I had questions or concerns they were answered & handled right away. Overall my experience with American Financing was EXCELLENT!

Danielle A.

"We tried several other companies claiming to be able to help us refinance. None were able to help us get rid of the bad loan we had. That is until we heard about American Financing. With the help from our mortgage consultant and perseverance of his team, they were able to get us into a better loan situation. They were able to help, when the others could not. Thank you American Financing!"

Rene A.

I was first made aware of American Financing via the radio. The fact they are a salary based lender, not on commission, is what drove me to seek assistance for my VA loan. I feel good knowing American Financing went out of their way to give me the best customer service and information, including the best rate at the time. I have recommended them to my peers in the military and in government service. I encourage anyone looking for a home loan to check with American Financing, too. Of course, do your due diligence and check with other lenders. But, don't be surprised to find American Financing is who you will likely choose - as I did.

Gabriel G.

Received a pre-approval in less than 24 hours! My rep was wonderful! In the housing market we're in with bidding wars, he closed the deal by calling the listing agent, which secured us the home. Great experience! I would highly recommend using them!

Abby C.

American Financing is the best! The mortgage process in today's banking world is not easy. In fact, it can be very, very daunting, especially for those of us who are self-employed. I am so glad I found American Financing. In just over 30 days, they accomplished what my current mortgage company had been unable to do in more than 60 days. Well done! They provided unwavering support, and above all else I felt like a person -- not a credit score or commission. Thank you, American Financing!

Jill K.

I was looking to refinance and consolidate debt, plus cash out to remodel my kitchen. I called American Financing because they are a local company, and I didn't want to deal with one out of state. The mortgage consultant I worked with totally understood my needs, and she was extremely helpful from start to finish. I was very surprised by the short amount of time it took from the initiating of my loan to close. It was much easier than I imagined! I'm very happy I chose American Financing. Thank you for making my refinance so hassle free!

Marie S.

Just closed on our new home financed by American Financing and was very impressed with our mortgage consultant and processor. Both were very professional, courteous and responsive. They did everything possible to make our closing happen on time. I definitely recommend American Financing.

Jeff M.

I've been through the refinance process a few times in my life, but it has never gone as smoothly as this one did with American Financing. My mortgage consultant and processor set clear expectations with me and outlined my requirements very carefully. Bottom line is within a three week window, I'm now closing on my refinance - which will help me immensely with my kids college and some home improvements. Kudos to these true professionals!

John P.

Just closed on our refinance, and I have to say, I wish we had started with American Financing! Truly a great team of professionals who care about your needs and your future. Last year, we tried to refinance with two other companies, but when the bumps in the road started, both places closed the door and stopped responding. Not American Financing, they worked with me, and any bump in the road we encountered was crawled over. We never stopped moving forward. I want to thank the entire team at American Financing, for the best experience we've ever had with finance companies, by far!


Quick, easy, and smooth transaction. My consultant guided me step by step through the process, and loan programs. Anyone can have your loan processed, but finding a mortgage broker to save you thousands of dollars like American Financing did, is priceless.


We refinanced our home loan with American Financing. It was the 2nd time we worked with them. The first experience was so fantastic; we didn't hesitate to call them again. Our mortgage consultant was extremely professional, kind, understanding and at times a therapist helping with our anxiety level! She kept in touch with us almost daily never hesitating to answer questions. The whole process took less than 2 weeks, and the closing took only 30 minutes. The closing was even done at our house! If you are in the market for a refinance or a new home purchase, we highly recommend American Financing!


I was contacted by American Financing about our home possibly being eligible for a refinance due to the markets and loan values. My husband and I thought it was worth a shot - lower our payment, get some cash out, pay off a credit card or two. They reached out to me on February 27th and we closed on our refinance on March 16th. From the moment he contacted me, my mortgage consultant was courteous, professional and honest. He informed me of everything going on during the entire process and I never had to wonder what was going on. It was a very smooth process. I have already recommended American Financing to one of our neighbors.


I worked with American Financing on a cash out refinance of my existing loan. I had been working with another lender for this refinance so I could pay off some outstanding debt and fund some home remodeling, but the process had become very frustrating -- for many reasons. So, I contacted American Financing to explore my options. The rep listened to my story and presented me with my options. I elected to move forward with American Financing the next day, and the loan closed in 14 days. I could even lock in at a lower rate, with lower closing costs. I highly recommend American Financing to anyone who is in the market for a home loan.


Would/will definitely use again! Not sure why there are so many poor reviews on Yelp. As with your lender search, please look around and check the 369 Google Reviews which are much more recent and average 4.6 stars, or Zillow with 296 reviews averaging 5 stars.

For us, AFC was most helpful and a pleasure to work with. They were always on top of things and guided us through the lending process very smoothly. Their rule of estimating on the safe side made us very comfortable and our actual final closing costs a pleasant surprise. The effort and support put forth by this company even to the day of closing has stood out as exceptional. Fast closing with accurate and complete documentation at closing which all seemed to impress the title agent. We will be back when ready to refinance, for sure.

Again, please check other reviews on other sites, the ones here are minimal and it seems odd that of the 16 listed, most are only 1 star. The 665 total reviews between Google and Zillow average 4.8 stars and seem much more accurate and reliable.


One day I heard about American Financing on the radio (97.3) and decided to call them to see what they could do for our current FHA loan. I just wanted to know if we could get out of our mortgage insurance and maybe save a little extra money on our mortgage payment. The loan officer got to work helping me immediately. They called me back within an hour to tell me all the options we had. The entire process-- including appraisal-- cost us NOTHING out of pocket and everything that I wanted done to our current mortgage situation happened. It was finished within a 2 week time frame and was stress-free. I HIGHLY recommend American Financing.


I want to thank American Financing for the recent re-finance of my home! They actually hit every promise made! I was able to lower my APR over a point, I saved over $200 a month on my payment and I was able to skip 2 payments. The best part was that this deal was closed in 10 days! No games. No delays. No hassle. No BS, period.


Worked with American Financing on the VA refi of my house. My experience was very positive and enjoyed working with AFC. They were very helpful, followed up often, and guided me to a successful completion in about 3 weeks.


I refinanced my home with the American Financing. English is my second language, so I expected the process to be very difficult. However, they were so patient and friendly, and I appreciate that so much. They always took the time to understand all of my needs and concerns. They explained every single term to me and made sure I understood every financial document we discussed. It took more than one meeting and it was never easy for me to make my decision. American Finanicng, however, never hurried me or pushed me to make any of these decisions. During our meetings I always felt that their ultimate goal was to find the best solution for all of my concerns. From the beginning till the end of the process, they were asking me if I felt comfortable continuing refinancing with the plan I chose; whether I needed more information and if I needed to choose something different. I had a feeling that they were available 24/7, either on the phone, e-mail, or via meeting up in person. I am definitely ready to do refinancing with American Financing every year. It was like an investigation into the financial world with a very precious trophy in the end - the best loan option possible. Thank you, American Financing. You were the best guide in this complicated financial process.


I would 100% recommend American Financing to my friends and family. My experience working was better than I could have ever expected. This is my first home purchase---they were awesome. Very responsive and always willing to explain/help me understand issues that I wasn't sure about. They got me a very competitive rate and honestly I couldn't be happier.


American Financing just finished a major closing event with my parents. They were nothing but professional in their efforts to close our loans by our designated time frame. This is a company that is respectable.


Always a quick response. Everything they told us they could do they did! It was the least stressful financing experience we have ever had!! They were fantastic. Thanks for the help!


My husband recommended that I call American Financing several times to reduce our payment so we can get these accounts paid off faster. I neglected to do so because I figured there was no option for me sense my debt to income ration was massive and I thought nobody would be able to help me. I called American Financing Corporation and was immediately greeted by a live friendly person. I told them I was interested in refinancing to lower my payment and they begin taking my person information to provide me with a quote. I was immediately emailed and contacted back by the mortgage consultant with some amazing but hard to believe news. He stated he processed my pay stubs, credit and ran my property. He asked if I would be interested in paying off ALL of my debt, including my brand new car, skip two mortgage payments and lower my interest rate. Shocked I said, "well yes, if that is even an option that sounds awesome." I couldn't believe this was happening. Right intime for the holidays, I was going to be debt free, have extra cash and finally be out of this mess I got myself into. I quickly stated, the cash back will be great if we can do that. I cant believe my mortgage payment is only increasing by $79.00, I now have a lower interest rate, I would now be debt free, I was receiving cash back at closing and that I did not have to come up with and closing costs since they were rolled into my new loan.


We have not purchased a home in a long time but I have to admit that this experience with American Financing has been the BEST ever. They were always in contact with us everyday since I first applied with them and have always kept us abreast of what we needed to complete our loan and how we were progressing. We communicated by phone and text and I was always kept in the loop. This was by far the best choice we have ever made in a lender. Thank you so very very much to your entire team.

Russ and Monica

My experience with American Financing was nothing but positive . My loan officer Isaiah was very responsive and knowledgable. He basically worked hard to find me my best possible re-financing options and let me see what options were best. The cool thing about it was he found options and let me decide. His recommendations were spot on he took the worry out of hoping things would go through by asking the right questions to allow me to qualify for my best possible rate. I would have no problem recommending American Financing to anyone looking to re-fi. Five stars out of Five. Thank you AF for your diligent work.


American Financing are true professionals who assisted me 100% through my loan process. Their responsiveness, professional treatment and willingness to save me every penny that could be saved was extraordinary. As my home was on the market for many months, they never forgot about me or set my file aside. They checked in with me periodically to see how the progress was going, they offered suggestions and answered questions that helped me immensely. After being on the market for MANY months, I almost lost faith that I would get my new home, They never did! They were my island in the storm, always positive and informative. Long story short, I changed real estate agents and sold my home in 2 weeks!! American Financing was ready to move forward when they got the news. During the entire process they kept me up to date everyday on progress. The reliability of both American Financing helps give you the reassurance that everything is being handled and it showed their determination and dedication to their profession. Throughout the entire process I felt like they treated me and my situation like they would their own family member. It is not often you are working with someone these days that your expectations are exceeded. I wholeheartedly endorse American Financing who will truly go the extra mile to make their customers feel that they are listened to and cared for. Job well done!

Chris D.

I want to extend a personal Thank You to you and your staff at American Financing who took extraordinary care of my friends on a refi of their home. Not only did they get them 3.5% on a 30 year, but they got the whole thing done in about 2 weeks. My friends were very impressed with their efficiency and professionalism. And very grateful to have the whole process go smoothly.

Many thanks,

Rick Lewis, 103.5 The Fox Denver

Thanks to the folks at American Financing, I finally got my complicated refinance completed with very good terms. My ex-husband and I needed help sorting out different properties and making the refi work for both of us. I had tried a couple of banks directly and they couldn't get it done, but American Financing got me and my ex-husband into fixed rate loans that will help stabilize our budgets. I'm really grateful for all the help.


In 2012 I purchased my first property in which I entrusted a "friend" who was a mortgage loan originator to handle the financing of my property. My "friend" refused to follow through with processing of my home loan in a timely manner. She completely dropped the ball and caused me to almost loose out on closing on my property. I was very disappointed and stressed out. I looked for a financing institute that could insure they would be able to assist me in providing lending figures and helping me close on time. I went online to find a company and came across American Financing.

The American Financing representative reassured me he would be able to help me close on time on such a short notice to get loan done and provided me with lending figures immediately. His fees were much lower than my "friends". What started out a nightmare process because I put my trust in the wrong lenders hands turned out to be stress free experience once I found American Financing. I closed on time and saved a lot of money. Thank you American Financing team for making the process seamless and easy!!!


We cannot express how grateful we are for the impeccable service we received from American Financing. We initially started a refinance application with another mortgage company in Colorado and were shocked by the poor customer service and lack of any communication we received. In fact, we were so frustrated with this company, we planned to end the entire process. Then, a decision was made to call American Financing. That was the best call we have made in a very long time.

We are not newcomers to the whole mortgage experience. As a couple, we have owned numerous homes. The experience we had with American Financing was by far the best we have ever had in our 20 plus years of owning homes. And, we believe, the good experience was due to AFC's undying dedication to help their customers.  Because of the highest level of professionalism we experienced with them, we decided to complete the refinance process and closed our loan.

The consultant we worked with is by far the best mortgage consultant we have ever known. They always answered their telephone. They always responded quickly to emails and never allowed more than a day to pass without returning a phone message. In fact, we wondered at times, if they actually resided elsewhere. We are so grateful to American Financing for helping us to complete this process. It will greatly benefit our family financially for years to come.

Tom and Marcie

American Financing recently assisted me with financing for the purchase of the home in Centennial, CO. I stepped in at the last minute to purchase the house for my daughter and son-in-law after the sale of their existing home fell through because their buyer apparently had undisclosed financial issues. Needless to say that the sellers of my daughter's new home were distressed but we managed to save the deal only because American Financing quickly to put together an effective plan and financing in my name for the purchase. We were able to negotiate only an additional two weeks extension with the sellers and they made it all happen with their well designed plan and execution. I highly recommend American Financing and will certainly recommend them to any family and friends who are interested in a real estate purchase or refinance. 


I am writing regarding American Financing's assistance and direction with the refinancing of my primary residence. I had contacted American Financing for possible refinancing options for my primary residency and my four rental properties. After my initial meeting, I was at ease in knowing that American Financing would be handling my case. They did a great job outlying all my options and providing expectations. Throughout the weeks, they provided updates on the process and solutions to any hiccups along the way. I was most impressed with the handling of the complexity of my case, which resulted in a number of non-standard issues throughout the process. The loan officer was always accessible, understanding, and cooperative in executing the exceptions that ultimately led to the closing of the refinance. I look forward to meeting with American Financing in the upcoming months to negotiate a refinancing on one my rental properties that was just short of meeting the refinancing requirements a month back. I have already told friends about American Financing and I would not hesitate to use them in the future. Thanks again. 

Anthony Fusco

You and your staff are amazing! I have had a very positive experience with your team, very efficient, professional and kind. I have already given out your info to several friends with high recommendations. the team was amazing and followed up on everything, the Notary that we met with was wonderful, kind and very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend you personally and your team. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please pass this on to your supervisor. WE APPRECIATE YOUR INTEGRITY, HONESTLY, PROFESSIONALISM AND COURTESY! 


Have a Blessed Day! 


American Financing was great in returning phone calls and had my house refinanced in a timely manner. I have recommended American Financing to my friends because of the wonderful experience I had. I'am going to use this company with any house situation I have in the future. Thanks for saving me money that no other company could and thanks for outstanding service.


American Financing was very helpful in the process of refinance our home. We had a few issues with qualifying and documentation and they explained everything clearly and helped guide us through the details. We are very satisfied with their service.


I'm excited ... saving nearly $800/month is going to be great! :) This was probably the most pain-free mortgage process I've been through in my life .. and this is my third home, and probably my fifth or sixth mortgage/refi experience. I'm seeing my sister this weekend and will definitely pass along your info to her. Thank you again, and when it comes time to be our forever home, I'm hoping you'll still be in the business. Please do keep in touch and let me know if your contact information changes. 




It has been a pleasure dealing with American Financing during my resent home refi. They kept me fully informed through the process and always called me back when I left messages within reasonable amounts of time. I highly recommend AFC. Great job.


Great job! Where able to do what i needed too lower my payments.The loan I had I was paying $260.00 on a pmi for the last 7 years , I tried working with US Bank on removing it with no luck. They sent an appraiser out (five brothers ) and they low balled the est $210,000.American financing sent out an appraiser and their est was $340,000 could of a BIG DEAL when I'm trying to get the pmi removed. I will tell everyone I know about how US Bank treated me and will spread the word about American Financing.


I was very pleased with the entire process. If I had questions no matter how small or difficult to answer I was given the right information. When I tried to contact my consultant if he didn't answer I was given a callback within minutes after leaving a message. If something needed to be addressed in a timely fashion it was, and all deadlines were meet with little or no hiccups.


Extremely communicative, presented multiple alternatives and exhibited a sense of urgency. Fastest refi I have ever done. American Financing was very thorough and requested everything that was need right off the bat - not a lot of "we just need one more thing..." Stayed in touch throughout the process and communicated status every step of the way. Great experience.


Thank you for being there through all the hoops we jumped through. Thank you for all the hoops that you jumped through for us. It was all worth it in the end. And we do appreciate everything you have done. 


Neal and Janet

This was the easiest process I have ever been through. Initial appointment only took 15 minutes. All the instructions were very clear. Prompt responses to my questions and American Financing was always available (day/night/weekends.). Purchasing my house was a stress free and great experience.


I recently refinanced with American Financing. The process was easy and quick and she answered all my questions in a timely manner. I would recommend American Financing to anyone! Great rate and low fees!


I was skeptical to try and refi after working with another lender. American Financing was very up front, honest, and did everything they said they wer going to do. I appreciate the honesty and being upfront and honest with me. Also, I have to mention that this whole process was extremely fast and was very impressed. Thank you American Financing for helping me out.


We closed on our house today, and we could not have done it without the help of American Financing. As we looked for a lending company, we had some specific circumstances leading up to our loan approval which caused other companies to simply say “no†without listening to any of the details. American Financing was different, they listened, asked questions, asked for substantiation and then they let me know how it would indeed work out. This is our second home purchase, so we could see a stark contrast in the service and support we received from American Financing. We had an outstanding loan counselor, for months they have been available to promptly answer questions across a range of topics including mortgage rates, mortgage term lengths, pre-approval letters, updating pre-approval letters, general questions related to the process and approval, gathering information for our file and now the closing. American Financing has always demonstrated a concern that we have the information and support we needed at each stage. Sometimes our loan counselor would give me a call or email just to check on how things were going and see if I needed anything. They were actively involved in the process, it is very reassuring to know I have good people backing me up. American Financing was great to work with!


They went above and beyond what I would have expected we ran into an issue with a lien that was put on property after a bankruptcy was filed and i could not get an answer from my bk lawyer and they worked with me to get it resolved and my mortgage funded thank you American financing


American Financing took great care of my client. They got us a clear to close 2 weeks early and explained things all the way through the process. Amazing to work with and did a great job. I will definitely look to them to help me with deals in the future.


American Financing was very thorough and responsive to all of my questions. They went through all paperwork and explained purpose of the appraisal and was quick with the documentation as well as the estimates.


I appreciated the promptness! Completing a re-finance on our home was relatively easy. American Financing was very responsive and helpful. And, we are saving a few dollars each month over the amount we were paying for our mortgage.


My first time buying a home and very happy American Financing is helping me purchase a home. They have been very helpful and very patience with me. I like how this company explains everything on the loan yo very detail especially because I'm a new home buyer and font no nothing about this. Which looks very difficult.


I inquired online and was within 1/2 hour was contacted by American Financing. We made a appointment for the following week and was pre-approved on the spot. American Financing apprised me of the procedures to follow in the refinance phase. They walked me hand and hand through all the hoops lenders want these days. With all the things required they were right on it with me. We closed in a little over 3 weeks in spite of the "Lender Dance". Closing was a breeze and I could not be more happy with American Financing. Thank you.


I wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed we were with American Financing as they helped us with the refinancing of our house. They were always very professional as they helped us from start to finish. I could not get over how fast American Financing was able to get us approved and they had everything set up for us to sign the paperwork. It was a pleasure working with American Financing. 

Al & Lori

I contacted American Financing and the process started immediately. A loan officer was assigned to our refinance and contacted us right away. They were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. I told AFC our schedule was insane and they had us do 99% of the refinance online. We really appreciated American Financing and their great team for taking car of us - and we would recommend her to friends.


Our experience with American Financing was seamless. We received a quick response, professionalism and complete follow through the entire loan process which took 10 days. Our representative kept us informed and communicated the loan updates daily. I would recommend him to friends and family. We could not have gotten a better rate with any other company. They are very competitive and provide 100% customer satisfaction.


Hello my name is Anthony and I was dealing with your loan officer in New Mexico on financing our house and he was very professional and fast on closing on our house. I was dealing with another company for about 5 months and they didn't get me nowhere so I got in contact with American Financing and they closed on our house in about 3 weeks or so. I was just wanted to let you know that we were very happy with American Financing and how they handled our matter. 


Sent to Mike Rosen, American Financing Endorser, 850am KOA Denver 


Just completed a refi with American Financing. It was seamless and without issue, took a mere two weeks and that's because we were gone on spring break when they were ready to close. AF even came to our house to close the deal. Thx for the referral! 


Thanks, Doug

We wanted to let you know that we truly appreciate the fantastic assistance American Financing provided as we went through our mortgage refinance a few week's ago. They were incredibly patient listening to exactly what we needed and were kind and efficient as they got it done to the best of their ability. Every communication with your team was professional, yet friendly and with simple to follow instructions. We enjoyed meeting the team and very much appreciated their coming to Castle Rock to meet us. We know we were not the easiest clients as far as what we needed and wanted, so it was very important to have found American Financing to work with. 


We wish you the best in your career and will certainly refer any friends needing a mortgage to American Financing. 


P.S. The appraiser and also the closer were both great. We had fun with them both and enjoyed meeting them as they did their work.

Mary and Wayde

AFC lived up to and exceeded all of my expectations. I called late one afternoon, heard back from someone that same day, they came to our home to meet with us the next day with all the paperwork we needed to sign, and we closed 9 days later! Amazing service, fantastic staff- we've already recommended to several friends and family. 


This is a note of appreciation to let you know my wife and I just closed on a VA refinance loan. The loan went very smooth from start to finish thanks to American Financing. The staff were very professional and could be reached anytime day or night. The reason I felt the need to let you know this is because I was in the mortgage business all my life and I know what it takes to make a satisfied customer and to keep them. Your loan officer is a very good employee as you probably well know and I think you and your company very much. 


Sincerely, Charlie and Carol

American Financing made our refinancing so smooth. They were patient and explained everything to us. Our loan officer kept in contact with us to let us know what was happening. Processing made sure that all the paperwork was complete. My husband and I both felt confident that we were in good hands. We are very pleased with our refinance and would recommend American Financing to anyone. 



I wanted to share my/our experience with our refinance and our Mortgage Consultant. From a 1-10 this experience in working with our mortgage consultant was a painless experience and I rate it a 10. Although we haven't moved around much but have experienced a few closings in the past this one by far the best experience. The online process and closing at home was a great customer experience. Your company was great to work with as well as the staff at American Financing and our closer/notary. 


I will definitely recommend to family and friends that are looking to refinance or a loan. 

Thanks, Dee

I wanted to send you an email to let you know how very much we appreciated working with American Financing and the loan officer. We were working with another company, but because of requests and actions on their part, we did not feel comfortable working with them. On the evening we were to meet with the other company, I heard your radio ad. I wrote down the number and called your office. I was so impressed with the person answering the phone, I told my husband of my not feeling secure with the company we were going to see, that I would rather not go at all. 


I made two calls one to the other company cancelling our meeting. I then called American Finance and was put in contact with their loan officer. I felt at ease and like I was dealing with a professional who was interested more in our needs than his. We made an appointment to meet with him. We felt very comfortable with the feeling of the office from the moment we walked in the door. 


When we first met the loan officer we were very impressed with him. He was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions and begin the refinancing of our home. He is very professional but also approachable. From the first he was in contact with us letting us know how the process was going and what he would need from us. We knew we could call him with any questions we had, and believe me I did contact him a few times. I was always satisfied and assured each time I spoke with him. 


Over all our experience with American Finance was very good. The loan officer represented your company in a very professional and personal manner. I will recommend your company to anyone I know. 


I just wanted to share the positive experience I had with American Financing. I recently refinanced my home and they took care of getting things started (paperwork, etc..). They were professional, friendly, and expressed a genuine desire to help get things done. I had questions and issues that came up along the way and they stayed on top of it. They were very prompt and quickly responded to my e-mails and phone calls. 

Thank you, Debi

My name is Mark along with my fiancee Annie.

Yesterday we closed on our new home with American Financing. This would not have happened without the direction and support of our loan officer. We learned in early April that our landlord wanted us out of our home by May 31st...being a long term tenant with a son entering his senior year was testing our resolve. The market in our area, Highlands Ranch, was/is extremely tight. We promplty made an appointment with American Financing after wasting two weeks exploring rental options. We were prompty and courteously greeted on the phone and answered the initial questions. We didn't need to beg for an appointment as your staff wanted us to come in that afternoon. We came in the next day and met with our loan officer. Both Annie and I immediately liked him and his low key approach. We explained our situation to him and along with our predicament. The caviat was that we needed a quick underwriting approval and a quick closing before May 31st, he was well prepared with all the docs ready for signature. Less than an hour later we were walking out the door feeling confident that they were going to make this happen. Several days later we had our commitment letter! We then decided to buy new, but needed more borrowing power to get there. We had a new commitment letter in less than an hour as I recall. Just great service! Sure we had a few hiccups, but nothing extraordinary. He was prompt with emails and returning calls. Although I'm sure he and his processor were swamped with our documents, the process to us was smooth and transparent. His professionalism was immediately noticed. It carried all the way through the loan process. I've run many companies in my career and have a fairly keen eye for someone that is more than just an employee. Our loan officer is one of those rare people that you know immediately is the guy that the other companies wish they had. Annie, being in the real estate titling/escrow business, was also impressed with his quick service and genuine concern for us. She tells me that isn't usually the case at all in the mortgage and loan processing business. So, now it's May 17th. We closed yesterday, I believe about a month from when we started. We are sincere in telling you that if we didn't hook up with American Financing, we would be looking for a rental proeprty instead getting ready to move into our new home that we own! It happened just the way they told us. American Financing is a class act. We would be happy to provide a reference should you ever need one. We're that satisfied!! 

Regards, Mark & Annie

I want thank you for recommending American Finance to me. 


In April my wife and I decided to try and refinance our 1st and 2nd mortgage. I contacted a couple of banks and they would not consider a loan because it was over 80% of value. The last of April we contacted American Finance and gave them the documents they required. The following week they told us we were approved subject to an appraisal. That week we received the necessary value. They closed the loan on May 14 including both mortgages and saved us $360 a month. 


Thanks to the great people of American Finance for their excellent service. 


From a long, long time listener thanks for the recommendation! 


Refinancing is stressful and you feel vulnerable providing so much personal information to complete strangers. Every time I called the office I spoke with a professional who put my mind at ease. He spoke very quickly and casually, which actually alleviated some of my fears since it seemed as though he could do it in his sleep he was so familiar with the process. The only reason I'm not giving them 5 stars is because he was a little overworked at the time and would forget to call/show when he was supposed to. In his defense, he was very busy with the new FHA rules coming into place at the end of March 2013 and everyone trying to get refinanced before that deadline. Even so, he still got our loan in under the gun and in time. The longer the process went on, the better he got about feedback. This company was courteous and quick, and we got a great rate. I'm happy and would recommend them to my friends. 


My wife and I had a great experience refinancing our 30 year mortgage to a 20 year mortgage through American Financing. Prior to going to American Financing, we tried to re-fi through our bank where the mortgage had been processed years ago. The bank process was slow, and getting even a call-back was difficult. (Not to mention tedious, time consuming, and frustrating). Enter American Financing. From the outset, the process was simple. Our Mortgage Consultant was straight forward, and based off of our goals, presented us with a re-fi product that was perfect. The steps needed to re-fi were handled quickly, and closing went very smooth.


I just want to thank you for being so kind to me on the phone. You are doing such a good job and I found you so nice to visit with and work with. The offer we received was an answer to our prayer. I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel of medical bills. Our mortgage consultant was also very personable and kind. 


We are happy with our refinance that American Financing arranged for us. Servicing us required in-home visits and numerous phone calls which they efficiently managed. Their public relations were great, and we'd highly recommend their services to prospective clients. 

Richard & Betty

First off I would like to thank you for all your hard work and getting us refinanced is such a short amount of time. Thank you for sending out an notary to our home, as we did not have to fight the evening traffic. You folks have been great and I would refer your company to anyone of my friends, family or co-workers. 



When I met with you, I had already give up hope of saving my home.

Thanks to you, my home, is still my home!!!

Thank you,

Thank you!!



I just really wanted to express my gratitude for all that you and American Financing has done for me. You were extremely helpful and listened to my needs and what I was looking for in a new loan. You took the time to explain rates, information and documentation to me, so I could make an informed decision. Due to your attentiveness and the staff at American Financing I was able to close on my refinance in a quick, effortless, painless and productive manner. I especially appreciate the fact that a closer was sent out to my home at my convenience! I saved just over $200 a month on my mortgage payments by refinancing my loan with American Financing. I can�t thank you enough for all that you and your team at American Financing did for my family. You made refinancing extremely easy! Please share my gratitude with your team for me. I will be sure to recommend you and American Financing to all my friends and family.

Thank you again, 



I couldn't be happier with the refinance of my home. Our interest rate got cut in half, shaved 10 years off the term of our loan and our payment is virtually the same and now we are on the road to financial freedom. This loan saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars. The service was exceptional. The closing was the best, most explained ever. I will refer this company to my friends and family without hesitation. 



Thank you for all your help with my loan.

I do appreciate all the hoops you had to go through in order to make this a smooth transition.

It is always a little frustrating as a debtor trying to work and finagle all the numbers making sure to get the best deal, especially when there is so much competition out there.

Again thank you for your patience and explanation of the terms. 


A recent customer called and shared this testimonial with our endorser, Lucy Chapman from KGOR Radio in Omaha, Nebraska. 

"This message is for Lucy. I just called to tell you thank you for advertising for American Financing. We did it and we saved thousands on our loan, and about $300 on our mortgage. Thank you!"


Hi Ruben,

Just wanted to thank you for all of your help, you have made this process very easy for me and I appreciate your persistence and professionalism. 



Don't know if you remember us, but my wife Barb and I had dinner with you at the French Restuarant on the cruise to the Med. We just completed refinancing our home with American Financing based on your advertising. It was fantastic, quick, and we got a great rate. We went from 30 years to 15 and closed in a very short time. We didn't have to even leave the house. They came to us. What an experience. 



Sherron just wanted to take a minute and thank you again for the work that you did on the refinance. We really appreciate all of your help. And thanks for putting up with me. Everything you told us came through. Just hard on our end to sit and wait and hope that it will get done. Thanks again for your help. 

Take care. 



I'm ashamed that it has taken me so long to send you this big ole Thank You! I do apologize. We are blessed to have made the transition to this better rate and 30 yr fixed...and your persistence and professionalism was greatly appreciated! 


Hi Ed,

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the manner you handled our loan. I will be recommending you to everyone I know. 


Thanks again


We want to say how much we appreciate all of Aaron's help with our refinance. He was great and had the best customer service! Thank you Aaron!!! 


What to say "American Financing Corp" is the best out their in mortgage business. These guys know what they are doing and they do it fast and efficiently. My whole refinancing transaction took a max of 5 hrs of my time including making initial appointment and final closing. I was little nervous calling them after hearing on local radio station, but they nailed it with their exceptional support/knowledge and customer service. The best part they refinanced my house that is in UTAH super fast. I highly recommend American financing to anyone looking to refinance or finance a new home. I dealt with one of the best Greg Vogel who was exceptional. Thank you American Finance and Greg for refinancing my home in UTAH and saving me $220 a month on mortgage payments. You guys Rock the Rocky Mountains keep up the good work. 


I just wanted to write and thank you all, especially Aaron, for the great service, quick and efficient work, and overall exceptional service provided to us during our refinance. The whole process was easily understandble and non-eventful thanks to Aaron and your staff. We couldn't be happier with the outcome! 

Tony & Travis

Stacey we just wanted to think you again for your help. And yes I will send tell everyone I can about you and American Financing. 


This is just a quick note to let you know what a great job Melissa did for our closing. She was extremely organized, punctual and knowledgeable. Melissa was very professional as we went through the stack (and we do mean STACK) of papers required to close our loan. She explained each document and had a highlighted line for each spot that we needed to sign or initial. We have had closings and refinances in the past and having Melissa into our home to complete the closing was the best ever. Thank you again and congratulations on having such a dedicated professional on your staff. 

Leah and Steve

It's been about a month since we refinanced with American Financing, but I just wanted to let you know how great our experience was. It was fast and easy, and the people that worked with us were great. In particular, I must give props to Stacey Gardner who was sweet, funny, very helpful and knowledgeable. Hands down the best experience I've had in researching and closing a loan. Awesome job!!! 


This was our 3rd time refinancing since we purchased our home about 8 years ago. This was by far the easiest and smoothest. Jeff Keith and his associates at American Financing made the procedure quick and uncomplicated. We really felt comfortable, largely in part because of Jeff's continual communication with us, and his explanation of the complexities that are involved with the loan process. We were completely satisfied with the entire process, and we will definitely be using him for any future loan services we may need. 


American Financing did an outstanding job. Jeff Keith at American Financing came highly recommended from our neighbors and he was a true professional. Jeff went above and beyond to ensure we had the most competitive rate. He kept the process simple and we had the new loan processed in weeks. I never felt like I was waiting on Jeff because he kept in regular contact to ensure us that the process was running smoothly. I will be using Jeff for any future loan services. 


Completely satisfied with the mortgage refinance I did through American Financing. All the documentation they needed from me was clearly defined and easy to put together and deliver, and everything went according to schedule. No hassles whatsoever. Jeff Keith and his team were a pleasure to work with and made the experience as easy as I can imagine. Most importantly, they saved me a lot of $ every month. 


I think American Financing has been great and I would definitely recommend you (Jonathan Hyer) in the future. 


We shopped around to find the best rates, closing costs, and most flexible lending to refinance our house. After hearing about American Financing on the radio, we were a little skeptical, but American Financing was the most responsive and flexible, not to mention that they also explained everything and satisfactorily answered all our questions every step of the way. We were able to do everything over the phone, internet, and email. Jin Yoo was great to work with and stayed in regular contact to ensure we were had everything ready for them as well as to make sure anything they sent was received. 


5 star rating. My husband and I had spoken with our current mortgage company and serveral other advertised companies; however, we knew we could get a better deal. My husband heard about American Financing on the radio and Jin Yoo called us back the same day. I would like to sincerely recommend Jin Yoo, who help us refinance our first and second home mortgage loans as well as rolling in our truck loan. Jin came right to our house and took time to evaluate all of our options. We had not even considered consolidating our loans, until Jin suggested it to us. Jin was gracious with no high pressure sales; he took time to find the right mortgage for us, and we will have every thing paid off in 14 years, without stressing about our current finances. If we ever consider refinancing again I hope Jin is still with American Financing because I know I can trust him to find us the best deal! 


Kelly and Oliver

After deciding to refinance, I called American Financing. They had my new loan processed within a week. I also was able to get a much lower percentage rate on my new loan. Excellent customer service as well, I went into the office once for about 20 minutes gave them all the info they needed and they sent a person to my home to finish up the closing. Awesome company! 


Excellent experience with Jin Yoo. I decided with rates so low it was a good time to refinance my mortgages even though I did a refinance recently just over a year ago. I met with Jin and he provided me with multiple options, one of which included consolidating my first and second mortgage into one single mortgage payment. Jin was very knowledgeable and clearly laid out our options. He was in constant contact with us throughout the whole process and was extremely flexible with our daily schedules to make things work out. I would definitely recommend American Financing and specifically Jin Yoo to anyone looking for a refinance. 


After my loan consolidation and percentage drop request was turned down by my current mortgage company I called American Financing. They had my first and second consolidated and my new loan processed in under 10 days. I was also able to drop a entire percentage point with my new loan. Excellent customer service to boot! 


I am a mother of six children, grandma to 19 grandkids, work full time and live alone. I had considered refinancing my home but the thought of the time and hassle, not knowing if it was even possible, kept me from pursuing it. Then I called American Financing. They had a representative, Carlo, come to my home to gather information… he took care of everything! In less than two weeks, and with no further effort on my part, I signed the closing papers! I highly recommend Carlo and American Financing. 


Our experience with American Financing was quite rewarding. Our inquiry about refinancing options was answered within 24 hours, and before we knew it we were sitting in front of Mortgage Consultant Mr. Carlo Sanchez, filling out all the required paperwork. Carlo worked hard to lock us into the lowest possible interest rate, and within 7 days, we were closing on our loan at an astonishing interest rate of 3.8%! American Financing made the process quick, uncomplicated, and straight forward. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend American Financing to any of my family or friends, and we had an absolutely outstanding Mortgage Consultant in Mr. Carlo Sanchez! 


Working with Carlo and American Financing was a pleasant experience. After exhausting other avenues to refi I meet with carlo. Carlo is Knowledgeable and thorough making my experience quick and easy. 


Thank you for your help on our refinance. 

This will really help us in more ways than just lowering our monthly payment. By not having a house payment in January and February I'll be able to get some dental work done that I've been putting off and we will be able to put something away in an emergency fund. 

I truly appreciate how quickly you were able to pull this all together. 

I don't think I have Debbie's e-mail so will you please pass this on to her. She really stayed on top of everything and when she is determined to track someone down she get's it done. 



My wife and I are home owners and also have investment properties. We have gone through the loan process many times and compared to other companies American Financing has been exceptional to work with. 

Carlo Sanchez from American Financing has processed multiple loans for my wife and I and these experiences were quick and painless. His attention to detail and professionalism was refreshing and we would not hesitate to call him again if we had additional loan needs. 

Carlo also made it very convenient and came to our house to process the loan at a time that met our schedule. 

Do not hesitate to call American Financing for your financial needs. If you have the same experience as we did you will not be disappointed! 


Provo Utah

Larry and Adriana

Hello Jason, 

I hope you don't mind, I asked Clint for your contact information. We wanted to let you know what a great experience we had refinancing our home through Clint Kramer. His professional discipline and tenacity to finding the right solution for us is greatly appreciated. He consistently stayed in contact with us letting us know what was happening all along the way, and when there wasn't a fit/solution, he let us know. We thought that was the end of the pursuit for a home loan. Low and behold a change in the maximum FHA loans in Douglas County came about and Clint immediately contacted us and asked permission to move forward. The rest of the story finishes tomorrow when our loan funds and the refi is complete. Well done and excellent service provided by Clint! He was a real pleasure to work with and provided a very comfortable experience, what a great young man! We just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job he did for us. 


Warmest regards

Gary and Peggy


Thank you so much for all of the diligence and commitment on the refinance. The process was painless and quick. I will refer American Financing to everyone I know. 



Paul and Mary

Dear Harvey Smith, 

I am writing this letter of thanks to you for the professional job that you did in handling the refinancing of our mortgage. Not only was our mortgage payment cut in half, our interest rate also went down. I will gladly recommend American Financing Corp any time I have the opportunity. 


Thank you

Pam and Jim

Harvey, we are wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and the best for your new year. 

We are sorry this is so slow coming, and looking back on the whole procedure of our refinance, it was a relatively easy procedure because of you. We so much appreciate all you did for us. You are truly a 

"people person" with a lot of patience and endurance. Thank you again! 



Bob and Judy

Thanks Carlo, 

My wife and I were extremely pleased with how the refinancing of our home went with both Carlo and American Financing. Just as they advertise, everything went extremely smooth and convenient. Our loan was essentially handle from the comfort of our home, we met with Carlo briefly at our home and discussed what our needs were and he promised to make things quick and painless. Only days later did we sign the proper paperwork, from our home again and as promised it went quickly and pain free. Thanks Carlo. 

National Account Manager


It was great working with Carlo at American Financing. He work with us to get a loan that worked for us. The time it took was quick and easy. 



Hi Kathylee, 

I just had to write and tell all of you about American Financing. I heard about them through the Fox. I was having a horrible time refinancing my home. I was turned down by many different lenders so I gave up. I kept hearing Lewis and Wax talking about them so decided 1 day I would call and see what they could do for me. This company is unbelievable, and that is an understatement! I got an unbelievable interest rate, no money out of pocket for closing and EVERYONE I spoke with was simply amazing. They definitely know the business. My lender was Mark Stadt and he went above and beyond for me. I highly recommend them. Oh and it was 3 weeks from the beginning to the closing. My situation was a little different so it took a little longer. 

Have a wonderful day!


Thanks Chris Miller, 

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the effort you put forth with making my dream of becoming a home owner true. Without your professionalism and your patience with assuring me through the whole process I would not be looking forward to the closing on my soon to be property. Your dedication and trustworthiness to me is most appreciated and will be remembered always. Please be assured I will, without hesitation, recommend American Financing to a future home buyer. 

With greatest thanks and sincerity