• Home keys in door
    Escrow Closing Costs and Other Third-party Fees: What You Should Know

    There are common misconceptions about the relationship between closing costs and escrow fees. Learn everything you need to know about escrow closing costs and other third-party fees that you need to close on your home.

  • Credit cards in jean pocket
    How Credit Scores Impact Mortgage Interest Rates? Get the Basics

    Credit scores without a doubt do impact mortgage interest rates. But how do they affect rates, and what can you do to secure a great rate? Learning these answers can literally save you thousands.

  • Online research how to clean up credit
    How to Clean Up Credit for a Mortgage

    The better your credit, the less likely you will default on a loan. Meaning your chances for mortgage approval are greater than they’d be with poor credit, at least that’s how lenders see it. So before you apply for a mortgage, take some time to review your spending habits and overall debt. Our checklist can help you clean up your credit, so you’re on track to finding the best loan program.

  • Police officer vehicle
    Mortgage Program Options for Police Officers & First Responders

    Police officers and first responders have a tough enough jobs. Buying a home should be the least of their worries. Learn about the special mortgage programs and discounts for police officers and first responders.

  • Hand holding inherited home
    Inheriting Real Estate: 5 Situations You May Encounter

    Inheriting real estate can seem like the most incredible gift. Just don’t forget to ask if there are strings attached...like a mortgage. If the home you’re inheriting has a mortgage, you’ll want to understand how the home will be paid for and what your options are. Let us explain.

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